Veronica Monet does The Kick-Ass Relationship Show

No, your partner isn’t tempted to have an affair because they aren’t attracted to you anymore. You may worry that is true. They may think that is true.

But if your partner is thinking about “straying,” chances are, your partner doesn’t feel like you get them anymore. And when we feel like the person closest to us, doesn’t really get us, we can feel lonely and invisible. And when someone comes along who DOES get us, we can find ourselves drawn to that person and eventually that can lead to sexual attraction.

Of course, not every infidelity is the same and there are plenty of different reasons people do the things they do. But this lack of connection is the biggest contribution to boring sex in a long-term relationship as well as sex that strays outside of a monogamous relationship.

Super effective ways to fix this lack of connection, are just one of the things you will learn in this episode of The Kiss-Ass Relationship Show. You will also hear all about shame and how it can literally drive you crazy! And because this show is super packed with tons of relationship and sex advice, you will also learn about the kinky world of BDSM and how you can talk to your partner about it if you are in the mood to experiment! There’s more of course and I can’t wait to read your comments below!

Join me and Midori Verity for a no holds barred exploration of Living a Shame-Free Lifestyle!

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