Welcome to Veronica Monet’s Shame Free Zone

What is the Shame Free Zone?

Have you ever felt alone in your feelings? Have you ever felt frightened to share something deeply personal with another person? Has anyone ever made you feel less than?

Most of us have had these feelings at some time in our lives. I certainly did.

Growing up in a home with hugely shameful secrets like incest, child sexual abuse and domestic violence, I felt alone in my pain and alone in my shame.

I eventually got help and learned that there is nothing wrong with me. And I want to share that gift of self-acceptance with you.

The very essence of The Shame Free Zone is honoring YOUR unique path in this life with an eye toward personal responsibility, integrity, accountability, honesty and the freedom to be your best you regardless of societal and religious and peer pressures.

Your Antidote to a Mean World

As you explore my blog, podcasts and videos, you will notice that I share a lot about my personal life and my emotional landscape. But please don’t let that frighten you. Not everyone can be as transparent and as public about it as I am. That’s okay.

In fact, you don’t have to share a thing to benefit from The Shame Free Zone. You can remain completely anonymous and enjoy the many resources I have made available to you.

I want you to know that you are not alone. Most of us have lived through some things that can make us feel ashamed or small or frightened. But when we talk about those things or at least hear another person talk about them, we can feel less defective and less alone. There is great comfort in knowing that you are not the only one.

So you can keep your secrets and still get a ton of value from The Shame Free Zone. But if you do decide to reach out to me, rest assured that your secrets are always safe with me.

I know that no matter how deep and dark your secrets are, you are not the things that happened to you and you aren’t even the things you have done. Everything can be healed if we have the courage to talk about it with at least one other person.

To be clear, The Shame Free Zone is not about abandoning all values as if everything were equal. Some of the things we have done really suck. And every single one of us has done something hurtful to another living being. Our offenses may be great or small. But as we learn compassion for ourselves, our ability to feel compassion for others, including those we have hurt, increases too.

Compassion and empathy are core values of The Shame Free Zone. In fact, creating connection through curiosity and compassion are cornerstones of my Exquisite Partnership Formula™.

But we can’t give others what we cannot give ourselves. And most of us have never learned to truly love ourselves so deeply that all our mistakes and even crimes become opportunities to free ourselves from dysfunctional role models and learn a new way to be in our lives – a way that creates more harmony, joy and intimacy.

I am here to help lead the way to a world that is no longer defined by dark secrets or fear of being found out.

And ironically, when you free yourself from shame and fear, you will be better able to move past those dysfunctional patterns that might seem to be a part of your personality. They’re not. You are bigger than that.

Your Shame Does Not Help You

I am on a mission to heal shame because frankly, I don’t see that shame accomplishes anything good. Yes, it is a good thing to feel bad when our behavior is hurtful and destructive, if it motivates us to make amends and improve ourselves. On the other hand, shame attacks who and what we are, and it can cause us to reject parts of ourselves. That’s not healthy.

You are beautiful, even if you don’t do beautiful things. Ironically, the more you are aware of your beauty, the more beautiful your actions will be.

I am here to help you see your beauty.

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“Veronica is truly a gifted healer. She is completely dedicated to sacred service. Drawing upon her own spiritual journey, she inspires others to live free from shame. To enter the Shame Free Zone is to be embraced by unconditional love.

Alan Schaub – True Will Astrology

“My time with Veronica is radically changing my life beyond what I knew was possible. She helped me through crisis and has enriched the path to greater connection, joy and truth. Her work is priceless and extraordinary. I am so grateful!”

Debbie – Hospital Vice President

“Working with Veronica Monet deepened my intuitive understanding of my relationship through her perceptive insight and gave much needed clarity to my cloudy mind.  She was there in an hour of need and helped me explore what might have felt uncomfortable speaking with anyone else.  Her wisdom is very common sense, I always thought after meeting with her, “why didn’t I think of that?” She is always very professional, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a clear, kind, and grounded perspective into their relationship challenges.”

Skyler Myers, CAS, CMT, RYS, PKS, CDVSAC, BFA.    


“I am in awe at how you helped my partner see some core manipulative patterns. My body and soul felt the lift as if a hidden treasure was discovered. Also, my getting more clarity on how I passive-aggressively handled or didn’t handle the needs of the relationship has taken a deeper impact. I appreciate your calling me out. The acknowledgment I needed came with your assisting her to see some things she wasn’t seeing; nor was I seeing those things. Thank you again for showing up to help us through this web of confusion.

Bruce P. – CEO

“We go through our lives searching for answers. We talk to life coaches, ministers, priests, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, sponsors, and therapists hoping to find our answers. Then one day you find that one person that is the bright evening star next to a waxing crescent Moon. She urges you to talk. She says, “Tell me what it is, it won’t shock me, I’ve already heard everything!” You open up. You talk. She won’t leave you alone. She keeps asking, ‘Where is the pain?’ Your eyes, mind and soul open. You know the answer. You tell her the answer. She screams, ‘Yes!’

“This is Veronica Monet. This is what she does and has done for me. This is how she keeps me safe and serene.

Hokey Wolfe -retired

I have come to understand that even though yoga/spiritual practice provides deep and powerful teachings, tools, and techniques, like Kriya Yoga, and other yoga/spiritual practices, sometimes still more is needed. Some people need extra help. I am the proof. Your work helps on a very practical level with relationship and communication.

Now, I feel I can go even deeper with my Kriya practice. You are excellent and invaluable to both of us, Veronica. I cannot recommend you enough.

In divine friendship,

Sanjan and Vashti Marks-Thelen

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