Your Sensual Self Holds the Key!

Your sensual/sexual self holds the key! 

To what?

Just about everything.

Your personal power, your professional competence, your spiritual passions and your creativity all originate from your sexual core. When you are connected to your sexuality without fear or shame, you are empowered to accomplish your goals and manifest the life of your dreams.

Unfortunately, many of us have been taught that sexual shame is the only thing between us and ruination.

Yet, the irony of this false belief is that when you are free of sexual shame, you are LESS likely to engage in sexual behavior that is destructive to your life. So while others might have attempted to control your behavior through shame, they were seriously misguided. What helps us find our healthiest relationship to ourselves, to others and to our sensual/sexual self, is the absence of shame.

But we need to go further than just creating the absence of shame.

We need permission for PLEASURE!

Over the years, I have given myself plenty of permission to explore sex without shame. But what about pleasure? Surprisingly (to me anyway!), pleasure still has the power to shut me down emotionally. What if it’s “too much?” Can I stand that much pleasure?

Have you ever felt that way? Kind of overwhelmed by feeling “too good?”

It’s a sad fact that across world cultures, happiness can actually trigger fear. But I am all about changing that for myself and for you.

I am on a mission to invite MORE pleasure into my life. And I would like to help you enjoy your life more too!

I envision a thriving world for all of us and I know that when we choose pleasure that is life affirming, nurturing and sustainable, we ALL benefit. The world and the planet reap the rewards of our higher energetic presence.

This YouTube podcast is ALL about YOUR sacred sexual journey! Find out why YOUR orgasm might even make our world a more peaceful and loving place for all of us.

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