Whose Fault Is It?


          Did the adults in your life ever intervene when you had a conflict with another child? If your experience was anything like mine, you might have been asked questions such as “Who started it?” or “Whose idea was this?” How did those sort of questions make you feel? I think [Read more...]

Is Your Computer Wrecking Your Love Life?


Do you spend significant amounts of time on your computer, tablet or Smartphone? If you do, then like an increasing number of people, you may rely so fully upon one or all of these modes of communicating and connecting with the outside world that you might not be able to envision life without it. While [Read more...]

Do You Think This is Sexy?

sensuall flower

  We are given a pretty limited vision of what is sexual or sexy. If you pay attention though, sex is embedded in absolutely every aspect of life on this planet. Who led us to believe that sex is not connected to every facet of our lives? Whoever they were, they were no doubt someone [Read more...]

I Felt Like an Alien From Another Planet

Veronica Monet with Dad 1960

      As a child, I was not encouraged to love myself. My parents did love me but that love was compromised by their own shame. When people don’t love themselves, when they find aspects of themselves so objectionable that they deny their existence, there is a tendency to project that shame and self-hatred [Read more...]