I don’t make any secret of the fact that I worked as a high-end escort from 1989 to 2004. You can read all about it in the About Me section of this website subtitled Veronica in Her Own Words. But my recent interview on Pushing Boundaries exposes some details and insights you won’t find in the article. [Read more…]

I am SO Excited to be on this List!


  I am so excited to be included in popexpert’s Top 20 Mindful Life Coaches to Watch for 2015! According to popexpert, those of us on this list were chosen for our meaningful contributions to the mindful living movement and dedication to creating online learning opportunities for people around the world. As coaches, popexpert believes [Read more…]

Are You Too Angry?

angry face girl (2)

  I would be willing to bet that at various times in your life, you have been accused of “focusing on the negative” or “getting too angry” or “making a big deal out of nothing.” Sound familiar?  Maybe you have even said this to someone else? Most of us have been taught that our anger [Read more…]