Healing Our Hurt

Veronica Monet with Dad 1960

    Healing shame is a vital step toward realizing your full potential and can have many unexpected benefits.. For instance, if you are less controlled by feelings of shame, you may have more energy and enthusiasm to explore your creativity, find your passion, realize your purpose, and find fulfillment. I create a profoundly shame [Read more...]

When Trust Dies


What kills trust in intimate relationships and steps you can take to restore trust! How many times have you heard the words, “If you love me you will trust me” or “Why don’t you just trust me?” I don’t know how those words feel in your gut but they always fill me with even more distrust than [Read more...]

Secret Lives: The “Shameful” Truth


Secret Lives: The “Shameful” Truth About an Athlete, a Scientist, a Schoolteacher & a Police Officer “Bizarre, salacious and inexplicably careless” – these are just a few of the judgment-laden phrases that presently swirl around Suzy Favor Hamilton, a woman some have called the greatest athlete in University of Wisconsin history. What has changed public [Read more...]

7 Steps To Save Your Relationship


Can you stop arguing and start having better sex? Is there hope for long term relationships? Nora loved her husband of 30 years and considered herself happily married. And yet she wished the sex was more frequent and passionate. She had tried a few tricks to spice things up over the years. There was the lingerie phase [Read more...]

What Makes Women Vulnerable To Hate Speech?


Why do some people sling sexual slurs at women? What makes women uniquely vulnerable to hate speech? Words like “slut,” “prostitute” and “whore” carry a powerful punch when directed toward a person with a female body. Calling into question a woman’s sexual integrity can make her a “legitimate” target for all manner of punishment and [Read more...]

Sex Ed for Kids


What should you tell your children about sex and when? A little known fact: babies begin masturbating to the point of orgasm while they are in utero – still in the womb! Our cultural insistence to see children as asexual is a form of denial which creates a lot of damage. As an incest survivor, I am [Read more...]

“It’s A Miracle!”


A reader shares how Sex Secrets of Escorts has created awe-inspiring sex with her boyfriend. Dear Veronica, My boyfriend Jan and I had the most wonderful Valentine’s weekend ever – thanks to you. I had the pleasure of translating your book several years ago. Little did I know that it would change my life. When I gave [Read more...]