The Yogini with a Past

ExD Split Poster

In 2010, the media branded her “Europe’s most perverted Dominatrix.” But Ira van Damm’s pro domme sessions don’t sound that extreme to me. And I would not call her or her work “perverted.” But that sort of salaciousness makes for attention getting headlines. Ira van Damm worked under the professional name of Mistress Lucrezia in [Read more…]

Why Finding Your G-Spot is Worth the Extra Effort

Woman's orgasm.

Guest Blog Post by Deborah Logan   The G-spot has long been the holy grail of female erogenous zones, an elusive unicorn that sometimes seems more myth than reality. In fact, according to reports, only 30 percent of women say they’re able to achieve orgasm from intercourse alone. While this number might suggest some simply aren’t capable [Read more…]

I am SO Excited to be on this List!


  I am so excited to be included in popexpert’s Top 20 Mindful Life Coaches to Watch for 2015! According to popexpert, those of us on this list were chosen for our meaningful contributions to the mindful living movement and dedication to creating online learning opportunities for people around the world. As coaches, popexpert believes [Read more…]