An Antidote to a Mean World

I don’t know how you feel about this week’s US election results. But I know without a doubt that regardless of what corner of the globe you reside in, the US presidential election will affect you one way or another.

For me personally, there is tremendous grief.

I have dedicated my life toward working for certain freedoms I consider essential for our world community. Things like adult sexual freedoms, sex worker rights, women’s reproductive freedoms, LGBTQ human rights and the rights of sexual abuse survivors have a special place in my activist heart.

And while I have not been as much on the front lines for the causes of racial equality, environmental protections and animal welfare, they are nevertheless issues that are dear to me in deeply personal ways.

The political shift that will result from this week’s election cycle does not bode well for any of these movements. And yet I know that all of us who care about these issues must continue to advocate for them. Now more than ever, we cannot allow our deep disappointment to lead to resignation. Instead we must tap into our righteous anger so that is bolsters our resolve.

Anger can be a beautiful emotion if we know how to use it as motivation to take action. Anger can also be terribly destructive if we simply act it out. We don’t need more polarization or hate. We need more love. But our love must be a verb that results in measurable and meaningful action.

For my part I will be working harder than ever to bring you concrete, positive actions designed to uplift and improve your life, your loves, your passions and your purpose.

That will take many forms including my soon-to-be-launched online group coaching programs. You will learn about my Exquisite Partnership Formula ™ and what I refer to as an Antidote to a Mean World ™.

And at every step of the way, I will be asking you for feedback about what you need and want most so that I can show up for you as fully as possible.

We are, after all, in this together. And now more than ever, we need to remember that and act on it with compassion and clarity.

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