I Let Go of My Fear That You Might Disapprove . . .

. . . and discovered that I could fly!

My path is unique to say the least. I read the Bible from cover to cover when I was 12, expecting a religious rebirth but reading the Bible only depressed and disillusioned me. Instead I found a connection to something greater than me when I was 17 and contemplating suicide. When I called out defiantly “Does anyone even care if I live or die?” I felt a warm embrace that has stayed with me all these years.

After college my drinking and drugging took me to the edge once again but instead of hanging it all up, I turned to prayer and had a spiritual awakening. At about four years clean and sober, I found myself drawn to high-end escorting and once again I turned to prayer, certain that my Higher Power would never want me to engage in sex work.

But my persistent prayers only led me further into this new profession. The fourteen years I worked as a high-end escort were defined by prayer. I often prayed before I met with clients in order to channel Sacred Sex for their sessions. I was very committed to the ancient practice of Sacred Prostitution as it was taught to me by one of my spiritual mentors.

People ask me why I left escorting to become a relationship coach. That was again a life decision that was prompted by prayer. You see, since I got sober in 1985, I pray about all aspects of my life and do my best to listen for Divine Guidance.

While my Higher Power may guide me in a very different direction than most people, my path is very fulfilling and meaningful for me.

And that really is the core concept of The Shame Free Zone. We are all called to different things. What matters is that we are aligned with our reason for being here and that we remain open to Divine Guidance. Because if we are flexible and curious, Life will teach us what we need to know and take us where we need to go in order to become more whole.

My wish for you is ever increasing wholeness and joy.


PS: If you want to be inspired to pursue your own unique spiritual path, I think you will get a lot out of this podcast!

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