Loving ALL of You and Saying Goodbye to Shame

It’s no secret that I am on a mission to heal shame. I feel deep in my bones that shame is the cause of so much that hurts and harms all of us. The irony for me is that if we could openly talk about ourselves and our lives without feeling ashamed, we would be …

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Can Sex Save the Planet?

Well I am out on a limb now, aren’t I? In my last blog entry I made the bold assertion that sex holds a solution to global climate change. And I promised to tell you more about a little known animal called the bonobo. There is a connection between these two concepts. Let me explain. …

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Is Eros the Untapped Renewable Energy of Our Time?

  No,this is not a family of Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are notoriously violent. This is their closest cousin, the bonobo. And incidentally, the bonobo is also our closest genetic cousin.  What makes the bonobo so special is how they use eros to create a non-violent culture. And for that, we can thank them for leading the way …

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