Love Is Not Enough – We Need Deep Empathy

Don’t worry, it’s NOT too late to tune in! In fact, you can watch the whole program below! But first a few warnings. PG&E turned off the power in my office building about ten minutes into this conversation about racism. After that, my host, Eva Medilek, was solo for the length of time it took …

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Why We are Only as Sick as Our Secrets

It’s natural to want to hide things we fear others will judge us for. Everyone has experienced that hot flush of blood to the face when something you wanted to keep hidden is exposed. Is it embarrassment? Sometimes. Other times we might feel mortified or devastated. The latter emotions in particular can feel so overwhelming …

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Steps Sexual Abuse Survivors Can Take to Feel Safe and Sexy

As we continue to digest the sweeping changes taking shape in our world in the wake of the US presidential election and other political shifts around the globe, it is my sincere hope that we can find our center through loving connection with ourselves and others. There are many threads to that and I am …

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