Loving ALL of You and Saying Goodbye to Shame

It’s no secret that I am on a mission to heal shame. I feel deep in my bones that shame is the cause of so much that hurts and harms all of us. The irony for me is that if we could openly talk about ourselves and our lives without feeling ashamed, we would be …

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Is the Bible Really a Sacred Book?

I come from a VERY big family! My dad was the last of eleven children and although my parents only had two children, my sister and me, my other aunts and uncles had A LOT of children. By the time I was a teenager, I had 50 first cousins. That number has increased over the …

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Connecting Our Sexuality to Our Spirituality

As a child I wanted to live a spiritually based life. And since I was raised in a conservative Christian cult, I naturally sought spiritual wisdom through the Bible. I read it from cover to cover the year I turned 12 years of age. But unfortunately, I didn’t experience the spiritual awakening that I hoped …

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For Old Soul Empaths Like Me

Has anyone ever told you that you feel “too much?”Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the pain in the world? Over the years, did you learn to avert your eyes so others wouldn’t feel uncomfortable? And, have you noticed how often they count on you to know what they are feeling even and especially when they …

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Secret Lives: The “Shameful” Truth

Secret Lives: The “Shameful” Truth About an Athlete, a Scientist, a Schoolteacher & a Police Officer “Bizarre, salacious and inexplicably careless” – these are just a few of the judgment-laden phrases that presently swirl around Suzy Favor Hamilton, a woman some have called the greatest athlete in University of Wisconsin history. What has changed public …

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The Divine Feminine

Explore what the Divine Feminine means to you personally whether you are male or female or somewhere in between! This intimate conversation with Caroline Muir will heal your heart and fill your soul with hope.  

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