Loving ALL of You and Saying Goodbye to Shame

It’s no secret that I am on a mission to heal shame. I feel deep in my bones that shame is the cause of so much that hurts and harms all of us. The irony for me is that if we could openly talk about ourselves and our lives without feeling ashamed, we would be …

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Your Sensual Self Holds the Key!

Your sensual/sexual self holds the key!  To what? Just about everything. Your personal power, your professional competence, your spiritual passions and your creativity all originate from your sexual core. When you are connected to your sexuality without fear or shame, you are empowered to accomplish your goals and manifest the life of your dreams. Unfortunately, many …

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Should We Be “Ashamed” of Ourselves?

Has anyone ever told you that “you should be ashamed of yourself?” For most of us, words like that often create an immediate rush of blood to the face and feelings of being “small.” And it can be a particularly compelling admonishment if said by a parent or a partner. How do you respond? Some of us might feel obliged …

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