Who’s at Fault Here?

He accused her of maliciously severing his finger and spitefully pooping in their bed. She said he beat her up before he sodomized her with a bottle. There was more of course. And every gory detail was steeped in bitterness and hurt. As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shared the sordid details of their deeply …

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Loving ALL of You and Saying Goodbye to Shame

It’s no secret that I am on a mission to heal shame. I feel deep in my bones that shame is the cause of so much that hurts and harms all of us. The irony for me is that if we could openly talk about ourselves and our lives without feeling ashamed, we would be …

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Why We are Only as Sick as Our Secrets

It’s natural to want to hide things we fear others will judge us for. Everyone has experienced that hot flush of blood to the face when something you wanted to keep hidden is exposed. Is it embarrassment? Sometimes. Other times we might feel mortified or devastated. The latter emotions in particular can feel so overwhelming …

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