Loving ALL of You and Saying Goodbye to Shame

It’s no secret that I am on a mission to heal shame. I feel deep in my bones that shame is the cause of so much that hurts and harms all of us. The irony for me is that if we could openly talk about ourselves and our lives without feeling ashamed, we would be …

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Begin Your Sacred Sexual Journey Tonight!

Have you heard of Sacred Sex or Transcendent Sex? I talk about it quite often in my interviews and here on this blog. There is a reason for that. For me, sex is an integral part of my spiritual journey. When you remove the sexual shame most of us have been inundated with, sex can …

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Yes! YOU Can Experience Transcendent Sex Too!

Beginning at an early age and continuing throughout our lives, most of us absorb toxic messages regarding sex. Whether we learn that sex is dirty or desire is dangerous, our sexuality often becomes a source of shame. Some people, male identified persons especially, may come to view sex as something they must “perform.”  If they …

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