The Benefits of Masturbation . . . IF You Know How to Do It!

Touching ourselves . . . it can be a taboo that is difficult to overcome. Sure, a lot of us DO masturbate, or at least have done so at some time in our lives. But many of us have also felt embarrassed or even shameful about it.

As sexually open as our culture might appear at times, the fact is that people, and especially women, can feel guilty about self-pleasuring. In fact, surveys indicate that anywhere from 30% to 70% of those women who masturbate, feel guilty or ashamed afterwards.

And if you grew up in a religious household like I did, you might have been told that masturbation is a sin. Certainly my mother taught me to “wash down there” as quickly as possible so that I would not be guilty of offending God. Consequently, I never touched myself sexually until I got to college and took a class on human sexuality. Then and only then did I learn that masturbation could bring health benefits and enhance partnered sex.

But by then I was living in a dormitory with a roommate. How would I find the privacy to experiment with this new avocation?

Fortunately for me, my roommate snored. So I would wait for her to start snoring before my hand would creep below the covers and begin to explore all those places that might feel good. And when I began to feel pleasure, it would alter my breathing and I would want to moan . . . but because I was afraid of waking my roommate and being found out, I learned to hold my breath and remain as quiet as a mouse.

Can you relate?

Maybe you began to touch yourself when you were still at home with your parents? Did you worry about being discovered? Were you concerned that you would be scolded or laughed at or otherwise made to feel less than?

Well, I am here to tell you that you need not feel guilty ever again. Masturbation IS a healthy way to connect with yourself and to enhance your ability to enjoy partnered sex, IF you know how to do it!

What do I mean by that?

This video will tell you all about it!

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