Relationship Coaching with Veronica Monet

Conflict can be scary.

That’s why so many of us try to avoid it.

But avoiding conflict can actually destroy sexual desire for your partner.

Fortunately, I know another way that leads to more love, heart connection and true passion!

You Don’t Have to Settle for a Mediocre Love Life

What if I told you that one of the greatest lies of our times is that falling in love leads inevitably to the slow and steady process of fading sexual passion and diminishing joys?

What if I told you that I know exactly what you can do to change all of this into what you really want most – a relationship that works for you and for your partner?

What if I told you that I know five simple steps to take the sort of disagreements all couples have and transform them into the best friendship and the hottest sex of your life?

Would you believe me? Or would you wonder if I had a tendency to exaggerate?

I know this might sound too good to be true. If I were you, I would probably be skeptical. But the fact is I have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of couples to transform their relationship drama into more love and romance.

You see, I live this every single day of my life. I have been on this path for years and I am here to tell you that love and sex are NOT meant to “mature” into something a little boring. That sounds like a really unfulfilling choice to me and I am just not willing to settle.

I know you don’t have to settle either.

“Your coaching was HUGE for us, and we wish we had had it at the beginning of our marriage.  It would have prevented a lot of the very explosive and emotionally intense interactions that have been the bane of our relationship.  The agreements for safety that we learned from you went into effect right away and our connection has as a result improved more in the few months since your workshop than in all the years before.”

Thanks so much,

Alex and Melody

“Working with Veronica Monet deepened my intuitive understanding of my relationship through her perceptive insight and gave much needed clarity to my cloudy mind.  She was there in an hour of need and helped me explore what might have felt uncomfortable speaking with anyone else.  Her wisdom is very common sense, I always thought after meeting with her, “why didn’t I think of that?” She is always very professional, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a clear, kind, and grounded perspective into their relationship challenges.”



“Dear Veronica,

You were the catalyst in helping us to see our individual and couple blocks to taking responsibility for our own happiness and success and learning to work together as a team.

That nexus between love/sex/anger I also believe extends to depression and general feelings of well being. Since we’ve opened up our communication and authenticity, and both worked to ‘stay in the moment,’ I feel as though I have a partner and one to whom I feel connected – and this has helped my outlook tremendously!

We now have a strong “LOVE” foundation! We love each other, want to be with each other, and we do not want to do anything that would hurt the other in any way. This has become a filter for both of our choices.

We are enjoying more intimacy and improved communication. We now share our feelings more openly with much less passive aggressiveness. This has had a huge impact on our romance, helping to launch us into an adult playground where we are living out all our fantasies and feeling excitement and passion we haven’t felt in years!”

Thank you so much,

Dan and Joan

Everyone Disagrees Now and Then
But Almost No One Enjoys the Process Because…

Our conflicts can feel like obstacles we need to solve or avoid. And we are often afraid we won’t get what we need from the relationship. For instance…

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a disagreement with your partner and suddenly realized that they don’t have a clue what you are trying to say to them? Even though you have told them the same thing a hundred times before, they still just don’t get it.

Or are you fed up with trying to please your partner?

Can you relate to repeatedly giving up something really important to you in a vain attempt to please them? Hopefully they say thank you. But is their gratitude quickly replaced with yet another demand that you change or otherwise give up something really important to you?

And what about your sex life? Are you happy with it?

Sure. Sex is always good . . . even when it is bad. But could it be better?

Maybe you have tried to suggest a few things? Tried to spice things up? Or asked for more romance or time together?

How is that going?

Too often couples want things to be better but despite their best efforts, things either stay the same or get worse over time.

Eventually they may give up and stop asking for what they really want. They may simply try to avoid hot topics and do their best to get along.

Enjoy Less Arguing and Better Sex

If you think you deserve the best friendship and sex of your life, then let me show you how.

My Exquisite Partnership Formula ™ is very simple. That doesn’t mean it is easy.

You will need to be willing to learn new things and change some of your old habits. If you do, I will be able to help you catapult all your connections – not just your romantic relationship – into a more positive dimension. One where you have WAY more control over outcomes than you ever thought possible.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally eliminate the predictable patterns of avoidance and/or conflict you have been living with for way too long?

And wouldn’t you rather enjoy the hot sex you fantasize about for real?

My coaching is for you if:

  1. You KNOW you will be accepted and valued no matter what you share with me.
  2. You value my skills as an empath because I can get to the solutions you need much more precisely and quickly.
  3. You want a dynamic combination of spiritual guidance and concrete steps to your desired goals.
  4. You desire information about sex and sexuality that is not available from your doctor or even online.
  5. You want someone who will see and foster your personal best!

You CAN transform life’s inevitable difficulties into empathy and passion! I live this path daily. It really works – I will show you how.

My 5 Steps to Exquisite Partnership move you from frustration to empowered intimacy. Imagine looking forward to more connection and romance.


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Case Study: Debbie

One of my clients, Debbie, started working with me when she was having serious troubles in her 20-year marriage. Over time, it became apparent that she was in an abusive relationship and that her husband was not willing to stop the abusive behaviors, so she chose to leave the marriage. I helped her achieve an amiable divorce and to make the transition into dating. A year later, she started a new relationship, one based upon mutual respect and sharing intimate feelings. The progression from accepting the unacceptable to being able to select a new partner who is not emotionally or sexually abusive was a HUGE journey of transformation that she made in just one year!

Not only that, Debbie’s relationship with her whole world shifted to something much more positive and empowering. She took up dancing, something she had always wanted to do. She began to travel and enjoy life and other people. And ultimately she was promoted to vice president of her company!

But why take my word for it? Here is what Debbie has to say about it:

“Words are inadequate to describe the transformative guidance Veronica is providing in my life.

She has worked with me on real transformation that gives me the clarity and tools I’d hoped for.  I’ve replaced old ways of thinking and acting, with new habits so I can let go of a lot guilt and shame that was weighing me down physically, emotionally and spiritually.

 Asking  for what I want or need from others, seems so simple and yet it has been incredibly difficult for me, even when my own safety is at risk, I have frozen and become silent during times when asserting firm boundaries was critical!  With Veronica’s support and insight, I have found a voice of courage to ask and to draw clear boundaries when it matters most.  Surprisingly I find that speaking up is giving me a deeper connection to myself and others and a whole lot more of what I truly desire in my life.

Veronica is a fantastic facilitator in joint sessions with partners, friends, family members.  She supports each individual’s concerns or views so they can become a partner in creative solutions to long-standing issues.

My time with Veronica is radically changing my life beyond what I knew was possible. She helped me through crisis and has enriched the path to greater connection, joy and truth.  Her work is priceless and extraordinary.  I am so grateful!”

Debbie – Hospital Vice President

It’s true there are many relationship coaches out there, and you need to find the one that is right for you in this moment. So what makes me unique? This is what you will get from me that you cannot get from any other relationship coach!

I have Uncommon Empathy – it runs deep and can catalyze positive change in you that is immediate and profound. As an Empath and an Intuitive, I access insights that are unique to you, your life and your emotional landscape.

I have lived the transformations I teach – I know what it takes to heal, I know what it takes to transform a life. I don’t just teach what I learned out of books (although I have a lot of training and several certifications). I am here to give you the benefit of my years of life in the trenches. As I often joke, “I did it so you don’t have to.”

I will always be honest with you. That means I won’t always tell you what you might want to hear, but if you are serious about change, I can get you to the goals you set for yourself in a very short time.

And there is one more thing.  I live in a place removed from stereotypes and assumptions about gender, race, class . . . I will see YOU without the overlay of stupidity and shame you might be accustomed to.

“Veronica is incredibly talented working with couples who are disconnected and angry…I’ve seen her magically reach in, find who is really in there, longing for love and connection and, like a magician, have the two of them say just the thing that causes them to fall back in love. She is a warrior for love, true emotion and connection.”

Relationship Igniters Relationship Coaching Grass Valley, CA

“Veronica is a caring life coach whose life has been a monument to overcoming the handicap of shame. She is a great resource for anyone who wants a more authentic life free to experience pleasure without guilt. “

Michael Nudelman Law Office in Nevada City

“Veronica understands the meaning of shame and how it can affect all areas of our lives. She is heart-centered allowing her clients to live their best life with joy, freedom and transformation.”

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Psychological Services in Newhall, CA

It Took a lot of Trial and Error to Get Here.

I Can Save You a lot of Suffering and a lot of Time!

I used to fight all the time with my husband. Well he’s actually my ex-husband now but still a very dear friend. The first few years we were married were full of angry shouting often followed by frustrated tears. I wish I could tell you that we argued about important things like how to raise our children. But it seems we avoided those big topics, preferring to rip each other’s hearts into little bits about nonsense neither one of us can remember now.

One day, I finally realized things were never going to get better unless we got help. My husband was not going to initiate change because his way of coping was to withdraw until things blew over and then pretend nothing happened. But I wanted someone to help us understand what we were doing wrong and how we could fix it.

I did not want couple’s therapy. We had tried that and it only brought us minimal relief. No, I knew we needed a fresh approach from someone who not only had the education and expertise but had lived through the rough stuff and was now enjoying a peaceful and rewarding connection with their partner.

I found a coach who specialized in helping couples navigate their anger and learn new ways of communicating. My husband and I began working with this coach and we did our “homework” too. Soon we were enjoying the fruits of real change! Whenever we started to spin out of control, we knew what to do to get things back on track. And the new things we were learning really worked!

We began to enjoy a much more peaceful and enjoyable connection. In many ways it was like falling in love all over again only this time we were coming to have an even deeper appreciation for each other.

It’s true we eventually divorced as many couples do. But it was perhaps the most amiable divorce ever. I am very happy that my ex and I are still friends over a decade after our divorce. When we connect on the phone, we talk about our children and laugh about the many anecdotes from our years together. We were only married for 14 years but our friendship spans decades.

Today, I am living with the man of my dreams. We have been together for over ten years and the tools I learned in relationship with my ex are still relevant and useful in my new relationship. I have also continued to learn new ways of dealing with conflict and new ways of building intimacy. The path I am on is one of continual growth and ever escalating joys! I am learning that there is no limit to how beautiful love, intimacy and the erotic dance can be.

I have learned a ton through years of experience and the good news is that you don’t have to invest thirty years in trial and error that can often lead to devastating results until you figure out what works. I can help you bypass unnecessary agony and get your relationship and your life on track much, much sooner than I did!

The transformation I am enjoying is just too amazing not to be shared. That’s why I have distilled what I have learned into five simple steps that together with my expert coaching, can change your love life forever.

“It is such a delight for me to recommend Veronica as a powerful resource for anyone wanting to create nurturing and fulfilling relationships! For such a significant aspect of our lives we want a coach with wisdom, expertise and years of experience, and that is Veronica! She is hugely knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate and quite a fun person to boot!”

Ginny Cutler Ginny Cutler Coaching, CPCC, LMFT in Nevada City CA

My clients want down to earth solutions. They want results in a short time. They want to learn new ways of speaking and behaving which will transform their lives and their relationships. They are pragmatic, intelligent people who insist upon making their dreams a reality.  Here are just a few of the benefits my clients experience from working with me:

  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Improved Health
  • Increased Empathy
  • More Heart Centered Connections
  • Fewer Angry Outbursts
  • Deeper and More Satisfying Emotions
  • Clarity about Life Desires/Choices
  • Increased Optimism
  • Measurable Progress Toward Stated Goals
  • A Sense of Empowerment
  • Meaningful and Positive Change

Case Study: Michael

Michael was unable to get a date. This guy was exceptionally intelligent, successful in his profession and yet he had not one clue how to attract potential partners. So I helped him examine his patterns of communication and his style of interacting so he could understand where the disconnects were taking place and then start practicing successful ways of connecting with women. In a few months he had more dates than he knew what to do with. He had a blast! But after awhile he was literally exhausted by his popularity with women and called me for help again. 

This time he wanted my help in choosing the right woman to marry. He was ready to begin a family but wanted to make sure he selected the best partner from all the women who were interested in him. I helped him get clear on his priorities and soon he felt confident about proposing to the woman he wanted to share his life with. Today they have been happily married for many years and have two beautiful children.

Michael contacted me recently to let me know how is life is progressing since our work together:

“I wanted to update you, since I believe the last time we actually spoke was right before my wedding, nearly 5 1/2 years ago. Jen and I are still going strong, and I often think of how instrumental you were in bringing me to this fulfilling family life. We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, Annabelle, and a baby boy on the way this month! As you might imagine, being a dad to a toddler eats up a lot of my time, but I’m loving every moment of it.”

Michael – Computer Programmer

Learn To Turn Conflict Into Your Friend

I’ve created a powerful process for turning conflict into deeper connection in your relationship.

My 5 Steps to Exquisite Partnership move you from frustration to empowered intimacy.

Imagine looking forward to more connection and romance.

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