These Simple Techniques Could Save Your Relationship and Your Sanity!

  If you sometimes find yourself on the receiving end of angry outbursts from your partner, you are not alone. And if sometimes you are the one who is yelling or walking away in disgust, rest assured many other couples are experiencing similar breakdowns in communication. For most of us, despite our best intentions, relationships …

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How You Can Have a Happy Holiday Even If Your Relatives Suck

  This time of year many of us find ourselves sitting across the table from a family member we don’t enjoy being around. As the saying goes, you can’t pick your relatives. But does that mean we have to quietly endure? If you are anything like me, the anticipation of encountering difficult relatives can be …

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What If Your Choices Were Celebrated?

  Can you imagine what your life might have been like if your parents and the other adults in your life had celebrated your budding sexual self as much as they did your first words or first baby steps? For most of us, every sign that we were growing up and becoming more capable was …

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