What If Your Choices Were Celebrated?

Can you imagine what your life might have been like if your parents and the other adults in your life had celebrated your budding sexual self as much as they did your first words or first baby steps?

For most of us, every sign that we were growing up and becoming more capable was celebrated until we began to mature sexually. Losing our baby teeth and getting our adult teeth was a happy occasion for our parents even if it was a bit scary for us. Learning division and multiplication was cause for a gold star. And then there was when we finally learned to ride a bicycle! This was cause for even more celebration.

But then puberty happened.

Along with our changing bodies, most of us encountered a tamping down of joy instead of celebration. We might have received stern warnings about all the bad things that could befall us. And after all, our parents just wanted to protect us.

But whether we realize it or not, those stern talks, if they happened; or the fact that our parents might have utterly ignored our pubescent milestones, had an effect on us. As adults it might have left us with a sense of shame and maybe even fear.

Can you imagine what kind of a world it might be if sexuality was just as celebrated as graduating from college or getting a promotion or having a baby?

That level of joy and celebration for sexuality is not often found in our day to day lives. But of course that is what I am all about as a sexologist and sex positive activist. And my dear cousin, Allena Gabosch and her colleague Jeremy Shub, just birthed a book inviting that sort of nonjudgemental and inclusive celebration of diverse sexualities.

Of course I have a chapter in the new book, Sex Positive Now. You will find my contribution entitled Sexual Shame: How to Become Sexually Empowered (and live longer while boosting your creativity!) on page 38.

And I am joined by some of my favorite sexperts. People like Susie Bright, Betty Dodson, Buck Angel, Annie Sprinkle, Charlie Glickman, Cunning Minx and Teri Ciacci.

If you want your personal copy of Sex Positive Now it’s as easy as clicking here.

And I am quite certain this book will give you all the room you want to explore your own sensual truth with an eye toward celebrating your unique sexual self.

Pleasure and joy are vital to our wellbeing and sexual shame only hurts us and society at large. Consensual adult sexuality is healthy and life affirming.

I hope that after reading our book, you will feel better able to make conscious choices about your sexuality and your relationships. And I would love to know which chapters call to you the most!

Here for Your Health and Happiness,
Veronica Monet, ACS, CAM
Your Guide to Exquisite Partnership™

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