Is It Time to Reinvent You?

We hear it every day: these are challenging times.  And no wonder.

2020 has seen a Global Pandemic and the resulting economic woes. The senseless murders of Blacks have finally surfaced in a way that is motivating changes in attitudes, laws and hopefully behaviors for many if not most people, regardless of race. And we are facing one of the most crucial election years in American history.

Regardless of your personal opinions on these issues or your level of involvement, you cannot help but be impacted. How is that for you?  Are you wondering what might come next?

With so much change currently taking place, many of us are being called upon to reinvent our lives and in some ways, even ourselves.

What changes have you felt compelled to make?

What changes might you feel inspired to make?

No matter how you answer those questions, one thing is for certain. Change is not only inevitable. Change is also accelerating and that fact means we must become more adaptable moving forward.

I was asked to provide an inspirational quote about personal change. Here is what I said:

You’re more than what you’ve done

You are so much bigger than anything you have done or anything that has been done to you. Let go of the shame and resentment so you can rise into the fullest expression of all your beautiful gifts, talents, passions and purpose for being here! Your loved ones — and the entire world — are waiting for that something special only you can bring!

Regardless of how you might envision your life as you move into the future, meaningful change requires us to let go of our past mistakes or limitations and move toward a more expansive sense of self.

Letting go of shame and resentments is key. And there are many other factors that can help you to achieve the future self you desire. In fact there are at 47 insightful and helpful tips about reinventing yourself in this article. You will recognize my tip as number 15.

Do you feel like sharing your personal journey with all the recent changes that are impacting us nationally and globally? If so, please post your comments below!

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