Why is THIS Still a Taboo Topic?

Yes, female ejaculation is still a taboo topic. Many doctors don’t even believe it exists. And in some countries it is illegal to show it on film. Why all the fuss about a bodily process we have known about since Aristotle’s time? 

Could it be that we are afraid that women’s ability to ejaculate might make them seem too similar to men? Or might we be frightened to learn that female sexuality is more pleasure based than reproductive in nature? After all, female ejaculate does not have the same procreative potential as male ejaculate. It is mainly and perhaps exclusively an expression of potent passions.

Whatever the reasons for the confusion and controversy on the topic of female ejaculation, you don’t have to stay in the dark. You can learn what it is, how it happens and even how to do it. Most if not all of your lingering doubts and ongoing questions about this powerful expression of female sexual arousal are answered in this free podcast.

You don’t have to enroll in anything or give your email address. Just click to listen!

But make no doubt about it, this podcast is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), so be sure to listen with your earbuds or someplace private.

This informed, open, honest, and truthful conversation is facilitated by Kit Murray Maloney, the founder of O’actually, a female alternative to mainstream adult entertainment. Our panel of experts includes myself; Jules Cazedessus, CEO and founder of Venus Matters and Hayley Porter, a knowledgeable educator on the anatomy of the female prostate and the deep emotional and spiritual connection to this part of the body.

You will learn this and so much more!

The Female Prostate – yes it exists! You can see and feel it yourself!
Female Ejaculate – no, it is not pee
The Health Benefits and Healing Powers of Female Ejaculation
How You Can Deepen into Your Pleasure, if You Choose, by an Exploration of Female Ejaculation

I hope you enjoy gaining clarity on female sexual response and pleasure. And, as always, I am here to offer further clarification and guidance should you desire it!

Veronica Monet, ACS, CAM
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