I Am Trying to Walk My Talk but It Isn’t Easy!

  We all have secrets. But the older I get, the fewer secrets I have. I know that is counterintuitive. Most people accumulate more secrets over time. But I am working in reverse it seems.

Since I am on a mission to heal shame, mine as well as others’, I work hard to find the courage to speak my truth. The biggest obstacle to that, of course, is what other people might think. Isn’t that what we all worry about? What will my friends, family, employer, neighbors, ad infinitum think? We can lose sleep over that, can’t we?

Well, I recently took the plunge and revealed yet another secret to the world. This one might surprise you because although the topic involves my fourteen year career as a high-end escort, that is not my secret.

My secret is that throughout the entire time I worked as an escort, I was a sober member of twelve step recovery and used daily prayer as part of my spiritual path. Somehow, combining those two truths about my life have the propensity to piss off some people but my hope is that you will feel your heart open and be more solidly connected to yourself when you read my article on Medium.

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