Healthy Boundaries Are the Key to Letting Go of Judgments

I have a superpower. Do you? Is there something you do better than most of the people you know?

Most of us have at least one gift that sets us apart from others. Something that we excel at which can be a huge blessing in the lives of others.

What is that for me?

I am able to bring an open heart and an authentic sense of humor to conversations about things I might find unappealing or even repulsive with people I have very little in common with.

You see, I connect to the person. Not the belief or the behavior. And because I can do that with ease, I don’t communicate fear or shame. My superpower is what defines The Shame Free Zone.

One thing that gives me this superpower is my crystal clear healthy boundaries. I don’t have any fear of getting “dragged into” some behavior or activity that I don’t want to engage in.

I know who I am. I know what I want. For the most part, I am not tempted nor swayed by the proclivities of others.

And that is not where most people live. That fear of being pulled into something that you don’t like, want or “believe in” is one factor that creates judgment. Judging others can serve as a powerful barrier from the things we are afraid of or repulsed by.

But I think it’s much more powerful to let go of the fear and simply connect to the hearts of others – as long as I have healthy boundaries and I know how to assert those. The truth is that many things don’t appeal to me because those things are not at all resonate with my reality or current path. However, my repulsion does not tip over into judgment. For that reason I am able to interact with others who live in ways I might find personally unappealing while embracing those people and celebrating that they are doing what is right for them.

I love connecting with people from all walks of life. My tribe might be the more akin to the organic yoga crowd, but I can also enjoy conversing and hanging out with people as diverse as Christian cult members who don’t eat pork or married swingers who love orgies.

Which brings me to this week’s podcast. I was recently interviewed on The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David. They are a married couple who enjoys “swinging” and porn. While I had an open marriage decades ago and found porn to be of interest during that time of my life, I don’t anymore. In fact, today I find both “swinging” and porn to be quite boring and unfulfilling. For me personally.

But I am never bored by the authentic and empowered choices of others!

Maybe you too find these options are not a fit for you. Or perhaps you are curious to learn more. My interview is focused on affirmative consent and gender relations and female sexual response. But there is plenty of commentary from Carol and David about their sexually adventurous lifestyle too. If you are curious to tune in, you can do so by clicking the photo below!

And I really would love to hear about your superpower. Send me a private message or post your comment below!

Here for Your Health and Happiness,
Veronica Monet, ACS, CAM
Your Guide to Exquisite Partnership™

Tune into The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David!

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