Yes! YOU Can Experience Transcendent Sex Too!

Beginning at an early age and continuing throughout our lives, most of us absorb toxic messages regarding sex.

Whether we learn that sex is dirty or desire is dangerous, our sexuality often becomes a source of shame.

Some people, male identified persons especially, may come to view sex as something they must “perform.”  If they don’t “measure up” to an imagined or extolled concept of what their sexual experiences “should” look like, then they may feel like a sexual failure.

For others, especially female identified persons, there is a lot of pressure to avoid sex entirely, or to only engage in sex IF . . . fill in the blanks because while that “if” changes from generation to generation, there is always an “if.” You must never have sex IF and you can have sex IF. Deviate from these proscriptions and you WILL be labeled a slut or whore.

Rarely are we told that sex is a healthy expression of our spirituality. And never are we told that sex can be a beautiful way to connect with Divine energy, wisdom, and spiritual transformation.

But it turns out that regardless of the cultural and religious messages, more than a few folks ARE having sexual experiences that can only be characterized as TRANSCENDENT!!!

No, I am NOT referring to mind blowing orgasms, although that CAN be part of the experience. I am referring to mind-blowing, life-altering sexual experiences that evoke the same kind of transformations we usually associate with “spiritual awakenings.”  In fact, transcendent sexual experiences can be quite similar to ecstatic religious experiences as well as altered states caused by psychedelics.

Transcendent sex doesn’t require any special training or erotic experience. Sometimes it occurs spontaneously and unexpectedly. Other times it is part of an individual’s sexual/spiritual path. What the various experiences of transcendent sex have in common, is how profoundly they impact the lives of those who have had these experiences.

How about you?

Have you ever had a sexual experience that changed your view of life? Or perhaps provided you with an insight that helped you more fully connect to your purpose or passion?

In the video below, Dr. Jenny Wade shares the stories of ordinary people whose lives were transformed from a solitary sexual encounter because the sex itself opened the doors of perception bringing insight and clarity. Her research documents the experiences of a wide cross section of people – those who never took a tantra class in their life, those in long-term committed relationships as well as those having sex for the first time with a casual acquaintance or even a stranger.

Whether kinky or vanilla, straight or gay, what they all have in common are inexplicable experiences during sex that were so powerful their lives were transformed! Some changed jobs, changed relationships, even changed their religion. One thing is for sure, most who have experienced transcendent sex were never the same again.

Dr. Wade is a full professor teaching doctoral students in the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Her book, Transcendent Sex, has been glowingly reviewed by well known luminaries including Deepak Chopra, Caroline M. Myss, Stanislav Grof, M.D, David Deida and Michael Murphy.

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