Tips for Enjoying Love and Harmony while Sheltering at Home!

There have to be some silver linings to this pandemic. Don’t there?

One possible silver lining is that many couples are becoming aware of the irritations and disconnects in their relationships.

Why is this a good thing?

First, it helps us see what our bodies knew all along. You see, just because we may choose to ignore what we are feeling, doesn’t mean our bodies have the same luxury. In fact, repressed emotions take a huge toll on our health.

Secondly, as conflicts and resentments rise to the surface, we might be more inclined to learn successful ways to express ourselves so we can increase our heart connection with those we love.

Yes, it takes courage and it requires a little work.

But it’s totally worth it.

And I want to help. That’s why I have begun a new four-part series on Medium entitled: Effective Ways to Reduce Conflict While You Stay at Home with Your Loved Ones.

Here are the topics I cover in this four part series:

1. How to Take Timeouts that Really Work

2. How to Increase Empathy for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

3. How to Assert Boundaries that Create More Connection

4. How to Achieve Partnership When You Disagree

Each article comes with detailed instructions and a video. The first two installments are up and ready to help you turn that corner around inevitable conflicts so you can enjoy the harmony and happiness you need, now more than ever!

I will let you know when the last two articles and videos are live. Until then, why not begin practicing the game changing techniques for Successful Timeouts and Increased Empathy!

After all, we don’t need to wait for those silver linings. We can start creating them for ourselves now.

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