What in The World is Ecosexuality?

This is What Ecosexuality Means to Me:

The Goddess is everywhere. She is a honeybee. She is the fire. She is the pregnant clouds. She is the falling leaves and the green shoot pushing up through the soil. The Divine Feminine speaks and moves through you and me. She has called us to bring communion and merging and dancing between the masculine and the feminine.

She is bringing a unique message – a new paradigm that cannot be contained by limiting words like male, female, human or animal. The Goddess is crying for our connection to the beautiful web of life through which all things are wondrously connected.

She will not rest until the truth is known and embodied. We are one. There is no separation. Division is an illusion. Our words are like shackles that imprison us so we cannot sense our own heartbeat. Our words hide the truth and freeze our feelings until our words are all that we have.

To hell with words!

Now is the time to feel our hearts. To sense the connection which pervades all of reality. Now is the time to know our minds and souls are merging and have always been one organism – one body of truth – one soul devoted to love.

Beliefs which shame and pervert our natural orgasmic and sensuous natures are neither life affirming nor are they spiritually valid. If the other sentient beings on this planet could dialog with us about sex, they might tell us that we don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to experience the joy and peace that Creation intended for us.  They might bring to our attention that Gaia is inviting us to join in the celebration of being embodied, conscious and connected. They might invite us to ditch our sexual shame and fully express our erotic potential as one of the participants in life’s symphony of pleasure that leads to more love, more cooperation, more community and more spiritual connection.

Ecosexuality represents an opportunity to reclaim our natural heritage, to rediscover our orgasmic and sensual connection to all of life, and to return to the sources of our powers and our passions. As an emerging paradigm, Ecosexuality has the potential to embrace sensuous pleasure and orgasms as one of the central organizing tenets for life on this planet. In this paradigm shift lies the potential not only for peaceful coexistence but also for a far more joyful, beautiful and fulfilling experience of life.

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